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Rattler Country Podcast

Through this podcast, I learned the responsibilities of writing a script and reading it out loud. I’ve never been the most confident in my writing but I believe that writing and recording what I wanted to say, helped me portray the message I want to get across.

Banana Bread

Sabrina Evans, an StMU alumna with a BA in communication studies, bakes a moist chocolate chip banana bread on camera. Evans talks about her first experience baking banana bread. She describes the “sense of comfort and a sense of consistency” from the banana bread that brings back memories from her college days and the people… Continue reading Banana Bread

From Practice To Playing The Clarinet

On September 12, 2020, I interviewed Ileana Garcia in San Antonio, Texas to discuss her passion and experience playing the clarinet. We stood six feet apart and using a lavalier microphone, had our interview.

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